Reading is powerful. It does so much good for your mind and has a slew of impressive health benefits including relaxing you almost instantaneously and improving your brain connectivity and function.

Reading frequently also has some unexpected residual benefits. Studies have shown that diving into a good work of fiction can make you more empathetic and it’s even been linked to higher rates of personal and professional success. There are literally hundreds of reasons to read, beyond just absorbing new ideas and perspectives.

I genuinely believe that I owe most of my success in school, work, and

simply building a life for myself to my early love of reading. 

Unfortunately, as an entrepreneur, I’m always short on time. It doesn’t matter that I try to work less than 40 hours per week (key word being: try), every hour in every day is almost always spoken for. It’s just a fact of life. So I’ve had to get creative with when and how I get my book time in.

Personally, I love bubble baths. It’s somewhat of an obsession. I just can’t get enough; it’s my favorite self-care activity. Between the essential oils and being able to lock the door (finally, peace and quiet!) I can sink into a good book and truly relax. If baths aren’t your thing, there’s still loads of opportunities to read. You can make it your before-bed ritual (after all, that blue light isn’t helping you relax and get ready to sleep). Or you can put a book in your car and read it anytime you know you’ll have some waiting time, like at the doctor’s office or while you’re getting your oil changed.

Still don’t believe you have time to read? Then you’re not trying hard enough. Think about all that time you waste trolling on the internet, Facebook, or Instagram. That time (or at least part of it) could be spent learning a new skill or unleashing the power of your imagination and unfettered creativity. All you have to do is pick up a book.

Genuinely don’t have time to stop and focus on the pages of a book? Try the next best thing – books on tape! There’s no reason not to challenge your mind and continue to grow when you can listen while you drive, exercise, or clean the house. All those mindless tasks are perfect opportunities to “read” with your ears.

Some of My FAVORITE Business Books (and none of these are affiliate links):

the go-giverThe Go-Giver (I just ordered the Go-Giver Leader this week, and I can’t wait to read it!)




Willpower bookWillpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength




copywriter sourcebookThe Copywriting Sourcebook




how to win friends and influence peopleHow to Win Friends and Influence People




how to write a business plan bookSuccessful Business Plan: Secrets & Strategies




Just for Fun Reads:

memoirs of a geishaMemoirs of a Geisha




a thousand pieces of gold bookA Thousand Pieces of Gold




like water for chocolateLike Water for Chocolate




the gigantic beard that was evilThe Gigantic Beard that was Evil (a badass and thoughtful graphic novel)



suze orman bookJust about anything by Suze Orman




Is there a book that changed your life or one you can’t help but read over and over? Share it in the comments!