Whitney Young Copywriter

Hi, I’m Whitney Young

I’m a full-time copywriter based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (more specifically, Oregon). I love cats, coffee, and news.

When it comes to copywriting, I’m extremely detailed. My goal with every project is two-fold, I want to get to know your brand, personality, and industry, and I want to convey that personality and expertise through the content I create on your behalf. My style varies based on the needs of each client, but my default writing voice is professional, approachable, and upbeat.

6 Things You Should Know About Me:

  • I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management and minor in Psychology from Southern Oregon University
  • I’ve been a marketer and copywriter for more than six years
  • I specialize in marketing, sales, real estate, finance, insurance, technology, legal, and lifestyle content (WHEW!)
  • My #1 most popular service is SEO web content with personality & my #2 most popular service is ghostwriting blog articles
  • My secret passion is helping women entrepreneurs grow their business and learn to sell
  • I’m incredibly grateful to have so many wonderful clients, many of whom share fantastic feedback with me which you can read here


  • I am TOP RATED on UpWork and was selected as one of the first members of their PRO Writer group (50 selected out of thousands)
  • I was chosen as one of Thumbtack’s best writers and awarded Thumbtack Best of 2016

It’s time you experienced a communicative, step-by-step process for creating content that converts readers into leads while also expressing your company personality

Working with a copywriter is about more than creating great copy, it’s about finding your voice. It’s also about the experience and service your writer provides.

All of my projects begin the same way; with a conversation that centers around your business and unique needs. Once I feel I have a thorough understanding of your project and goals, that’s when I’ll begin the content creation process and help you shape the voice and personality of your brand through the content we create together.

I won’t try to guess what you want.

I won’t create content out of thin air.

What I will do is create targeted content that’s on brand and crafted specifically to engage your audience and achieve the results you want.

Together we’ll create content that: 

  • Attracts prospects to your business
  • Delivers the details readers need to make a buying decision
  • Persuades them to take whatever actionable step you desire (like buying a product, opting-in to your services, or visiting a website)