Why Your Elevator Pitch Matters & How to Make it Better

creating an elevator pitch

Just last week I was speaking with one of my favorite new clients who has been struggling to drum up business as quickly as he’d hoped.

Speaking with him about his goals and how he’d been promoting his company, it became apparent he didn’t have the most realistic idea of how successful businesses get started. In fact, he was way off.

Waaaaaaay off.

Evidently, he’s one of the many entrepreneurs who learns the hard way that being a good person and offering a valuable service isn’t all it takes to lure customersContinue reading “Why Your Elevator Pitch Matters & How to Make it Better”

Build Better Professional Connections by Being Yourself

networking for entrepreneurs

It’s no big secret that 99% of us have days where we wake up ready to show the world what we’re made of and end up shaking in our proverbial boots the moment we find ourselves conversing with a new client or peer. It’s just human nature to be a little anxious about meeting new people (and experiencing new things, for that matter).

As an entrepreneur, you should constantly be putting yourself out there. You are essentially holding out an olive branch and hoping those awesome potential clients or fabulous new networking connections want to grab on to it and start a relationship with you.

So why is it so scary to make new connections, even when you do it every day? Continue reading “Build Better Professional Connections by Being Yourself”

How to Improve Your Content for Better Connections and More Leads

better customer experience

Earlier this year I started working with a fabulous company full of intelligent and innovative people, but they were struggling to solve a complex problem. And while the issue itself is complex, it’s also very common and affects businesses of all sizes and across virtually every industry. In fact, it’s so common that I wouldn’t be surprised if your firm is in a similar predicament or has faced it before.

So, what’s the deal?  Continue reading “How to Improve Your Content for Better Connections and More Leads”