3 Simple Tactics for Creating Engaging Seasonal Content

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Tis the season for sharing! I thought I’d start off this lovely transition into winter by sharing some easy to implement content marketing strategies for getting your audience to take notice of your promotions (and, frankly, your ads) in this season of oversaturation. I know you’re all busy as hell, so let’s just jump right in.

The key to creating engaging content year-round is being authentic. If you’re not staying true to your brand (which is, if you did it correctly, also true to YOU), then getting people to listen is going to be difficult. Continue reading “3 Simple Tactics for Creating Engaging Seasonal Content”

How to Write A Yelp Page that Attracts More Customers and Promotes Your Business

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Recently I had the opportunity to write for an awesome entrepreneur who allowed me to tell his story; as well as that of his restaurant, for Yelp’s From the Business section.

Lucky me, I spent years working in restaurants while I paid my way through college, and equally important – I am a serious foodie – so I am not green bean when it comes to the lingo and what customers are looking for. However, this is the first time I’ve been asked to create a write-up for Yelp.

Since I just spent quite a lot of time reviewing some of the top businesses on Yelp and compiling what they have in common, I thought I’d save all you busy entrepreneurs and marketers a little time and energy by creating a simple guide you can use to write a kick ass Yelp page for your own company. Continue reading “How to Write A Yelp Page that Attracts More Customers and Promotes Your Business”

How Many Times a Month Should Your Company Blog?

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