How to Write A Yelp Page that Attracts More Customers and Promotes Your Business

how to write a Yelp description

Recently I had the opportunity to write for an awesome entrepreneur who allowed me to tell his story; as well as that of his restaurant, for Yelp’s From the Business section.

Lucky me, I spent years working in restaurants while I paid my way through college, and equally important – I am a serious foodie – so I am not green bean when it comes to the lingo and what customers are looking for. However, this is the first time I’ve been asked to create a write-up for Yelp.

Since I just spent quite a lot of time reviewing some of the top businesses on Yelp and compiling what they have in common, I thought I’d save all you busy entrepreneurs and marketers a little time and energy by creating a simple guide you can use to write a kick ass Yelp page for your own company. Continue reading “How to Write A Yelp Page that Attracts More Customers and Promotes Your Business”

How Many Times a Month Should Your Company Blog?

blogging for businesses

Profoundly Unprofound Quotes About Life & Business

quotes about life

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the most profound changes in your life produce the simplest reflections? Sometimes I search for the intellectual, the deep – the divine, so to speak – in the messages, I feel that the universe is sending me.

If you’re not a little bit spiritual yourself, what I am referring to is what happens in my life that is outside of my control. Meeting new people, unexpected travel, losing people I care for, new clients popping into my life. Things like that.

Back to my point. Continue reading “Profoundly Unprofound Quotes About Life & Business”