3 Simple Tactics for Creating Engaging Seasonal Content

write seasonal ads

Tis the season for sharing! I thought I’d start off this lovely transition into winter by sharing some easy to implement content marketing strategies for getting your audience to take notice of your promotions (and, frankly, your ads) in this season of oversaturation. I know you’re all busy as hell, so let’s just jump right in.

The key to creating engaging content year-round is being authentic. If you’re not staying true to your brand (which is, if you did it correctly, also true to YOU), then getting people to listen is going to be difficult. Continue reading “3 Simple Tactics for Creating Engaging Seasonal Content”

Why Your Elevator Pitch Matters & How to Make it Better

creating an elevator pitch

Just last week I was speaking with one of my favorite new clients who has been struggling to drum up business as quickly as he’d hoped.

Speaking with him about his goals and how he’d been promoting his company, it became apparent he didn’t have the most realistic idea of how successful businesses get started. In fact, he was way off.

Waaaaaaay off.

Evidently, he’s one of the many entrepreneurs who learns the hard way that being a good person and offering a valuable service isn’t all it takes to lure customersContinue reading “Why Your Elevator Pitch Matters & How to Make it Better”